Updating process for blackberry battery

Posted by / 06-May-2020 22:04

Contacted carrier to get Pay-As-You-Go information transferred across to new SIMS and then turned phones on.Initial start-up went fine but they are both now stuck on software updates and have been for the past 5 hours!Have tried connecting through Blackberry Link on desktop but it won't recognise the phones since the new phones are not associated with our Blackberry ID's - it still only recognises the old phones - also it can't connect to the new phones because they are still updating software.Seem to be stuck in the proverbial loop - very frustrating Have we made a big mistake as we are now without mobiles phones since the old SIMS have been deactivated and the new ones aren't working Can anyone assure me that it will eventually complete the update?On October 26, 2015, Black Berry announced that there are no plans to release new APIs and software development kits (SDKs) or adopt Qt version 5.

It combines a physical QWERTY keyboard with a sliding multi-touch screen display and runs on Black Berry OS 6.Like many Blackberry users, I have been frustrated ever since the upgrade to BB7 (I know, the newest ones are BB10...).Being a corporate user, I like the inside the firewall capability the BB brings to my work.I have seen that there have been lots of people with a similar problem but the solutions they have been given seem to work - doesn't work for me.The phones are fully charged so it's not a low battery.

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Have tried all the tricks, take battery and SIM out, wait for 5 minutes, put SIM and battery back in and started phone up again but still stuck on the same update screen and can't do anything else.